Original Songs and Cover Recordings

I’m by no means a musical engineer skilled at recording and mixing, but I do like to try to put songs together from time to time. Here you can find a mix of original songs that I’ve written and cover songs that I’ve recorded.

Original Song: Into the Eye of Harmony

This is a song that I came up with when I was about 16 years old. The song came about when I was playing around with the same digital delay settings used in “Cathedral” by Van Halen. I originally played this as a guitar piece with no other instruments or percussion, but recently decided to make a recording with bass and drums.

You can hear it here.

Cover Song: Joy to the World

This past Christmas I had to learn to play a rock version of Joy to the World from the album Jingle Jam. I enjoyed playing it so much that I decided to record that version with me playing guitar and bass and my daughter singing. My brother is singing harmony.

Listen to it here.

Original Song: Most Beautiful

This is a song that I was inspired to write for my wife last fall. The original version of the song has lyrics, but my wife prefers that I not share them (which I don’t mind at all, since she wants to keep them to herself). So, to avoid having this be my last update due to a mysterious disappearance, I’m only posting the instrumental version of the song.

This song was partially inspired by “Something” by the Beatles and “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.

You can hear it here.

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