HD500X Guitar Patches


This page contains links to download patches I’ve created using the Line 6 HD500X multi-fx pedal.

Brit P-75 Heavy Gain (Patch name: LetThePraisesRing)


This patch uses the Brit P-75 amp model (Which is based on the Park 75 amplifier) and is pre-set with high mid-range EQ, making it suitable for a live performance. I use this when playing Lincoln Brewster songs live.


You can listen to a sample of me using this patch in a live setting here.

Gibtone 185 (Patch name: Catedrala)


I created this patch mainly for playing Cathedral by Van Halen. The patch uses the Gibtone 185 amp model, which is based on the 1939 Gibson EH-185 amp. It has a digital delay and the amp is set to medium gain, more in line with the live version sound of Cathedral than the album version.

I also use this patch for my song Into The Eye of Harmony, which can be heard here for a sample of the patch.


Cali Tread (Patch name: SykeTone)


This is not intended to be an exact match, but I wanted to create something in the neighborhood of the high gain tone John Sykes used during his time with Whitesnake and Blue Murder. You might need to lower the gain a little for live use depending on how hot your pickups are.


You can hear a sample here.

Plexi Lead 100 (Patch name: MarshLead)

Marshall 1959 Super Lead Plexi 100W Head

This patch uses the Plexi Lead 100 amp model (based on the Marshall Plexi 1959 Super Lead). This is the patch used in my cover recording of Joy to the World. There is a chorus pedal included in the patch, but it is off by default.


You can hear the tone here.

Solo Lead 100 Clean (Patch name: CleanTone)


This is a clean patch using the HD500X’s Solo 100 amp model (based on the Soldano SLO 100). The patch has medium compression added and is my go-to patch for clean tones, in combination with the neck pickup. I use this live and it is almost exclusively my only clean tone patch.


Super O Medium Gain (Patch name: MediumLive)


A medium gain patch suitable for live playing. This patch uses the HD500X Super O amp model (based on the Supro S6616). This is one of two go-to medium gain patches that I use during live performances. As with all of my patches, the mid-range frequencies are boosted in this patch to make sure the guitar is heard in a live mix. The patch also includes a seeker effect and a pitch glide, but these are off by default.