So, This Is a Real Thing

Ok, admittedly this is not related to either guitars or gaming. Maybe I’ll rename the site to “(Mostly) Guitars & Gaming.”

We were out shopping at the mall today and my wife wanted to stop by Elder Beerman to look at jewelry. I was standing around doing my best to keep from looking bored when I saw this:


This, my friends, is a woman’s choker. As in one of those necklaces that are made to fit closely around the neck. And it’s a fox made of sparkly jewels.

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Welcome to Guitars & Gaming

Two of my favorite things are music and gaming.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite music, including both covers and original compositions, as well as information about guitar playing in general. On the gaming side of things, I post reviews and information about tabletop games, including everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Clue.

If you’re interested in guitar articles, click the Guitar category link on the site menu. If you’re interested in tabletop gaming articles, click the Gaming category link. If you’re interested in both, the home page is where you’ll find a mix of both categories.