Unexpected Concert

So, if you had told me two weeks ago that I’d soon be at a Whitesnake concert, I would have just looked at you funny and laughed. But you would have gotten the last laugh because that’s exactly where I was last night.

A friend of mine from church called me up a couple of weeks ago and said, “Hey, I just called a radio show contest and won two tickets to go see Whitesnake. Wanna go?” My first reaction was that he was joking, but it turns out that he wasn’t, so I said, sure, I’ll go.

I’m not much of a Whitesnake fan, but I will admit that in the late 80s, I did like them quite a bit (I just won’t admit if it was the 1880s or 1980s). I even saw them in concert somewhere around ’89 (again, maybe 1889, maybe 1989, I’m not saying). So when my friend asked me to go, I thought it would be fun to go and reminisce. It was actually a pretty fun show.


What was different from the last time I saw them was that whole band, except for the singer, was made up of entirely different musicians than the last time I saw them. I checked wikipedia, and it looks like since Whitesnake first formed, there have been approximately 2,387 people in the band, give or take.


Also, I had no idea that Whitesnake even had a new album. It’s called “The Purple Album”, which I first assumed to be some kind of tribute to the Beatle’s White Album. It actually turns out that it’s more of a tribute to Deep Purple, who David Coverdale sang for before forming Whitesnake. I also had no idea that Reb Beach, formerly of Winger, has been Whitesnake’s guitarist since the early 2000’s. The other guitar player was Joel Hoekstra, and he had some pretty impressive guitar chops.

Here are a couple more pictures I took of the video screens at the side of the stage:

ws3 ws4

I also managed to get most of In the Still of the Night on video. Sound quality is not the greatest, and it abruptly cuts off near the end of the song because my phone ran out of storage space, but it may have ended anyway as an older usher lady started drop kicking people who pulled their phones out to record videos. Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out:

Thanks for reading about my unexpected concert adventure.

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