Painting Space Hulk Miniatures

I mentioned in my Space Hulk 4th Edition review that the miniatures that come with the game can be painted. I’m far from a good miniature painter, but I do like to sit down and do some painting once in awhile (and by once in awhile, I mean rarely, as the fact that I have painted exactly 1 complete miniature and 5 miniatures very slightly in the last 6 months will attest to).

So the one miniature that I have completed is the Omnio figure. Being that, as mentioned, I’m not the greatest painter of miniatures, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.



Having said that, if I can paint a miniature, then just about anybody should be able to. It just takes time and patience. One of the most important things in making the miniature look good is using “inks” or “shades” to fill in shadows and details, otherwise the miniatures tend to look bland as the details aren’t deep enough to produce real shadows.

I have a couple of more minis with some detail that I’d really like to get back to and finish.



Painting can be fun, but like I said, it’s pretty time consuming, at least for someone like me who doesn’t do a whole lot of painting. But it really does add to the game when the figures have even a basic paint job rather than being just shiny plastic figures.

And finally, to close out, I came across this image which I thought I’d share because it fascinates me more than it probably should:


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