HD500X 5150 Amp Model Sound Sample


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that the new Line 6 model packs for the HD500X multi-effects pedal had been released. One of my main interests in the new model packs was the inclusion of the Peavey 5150 amp model, which Line 6 has named “PV Panama” in keeping with their practice of naming amp models in creative ways, rather than naming them the same as the real amp.

Now that I’ve purchased the model packs, I created a sample recording of the raw sound of the 5150 model on the HD500X.

The purpose of the sample clip is to demonstrate the (mostly) out-of-the-box sound of the amp model and to give my thoughts on it. I only made a couple of minor adjustments as to not stray too far from the raw default sound of the amp model. I increased the mid-range EQ settings, and I added a little bit of delay and reverb, but that’s it.

My initial impressions are that Line 6 has done a great job on the 5150 amp model. However, it definitely needs some tweaking before being usable in both live and recording settings. First of all, the amp model has far too much distortion, giving it an overly harsh sound. It definitely has that “bees in a can” sound using the default settings. But, that’s not too far from how the real amp from Peavey has been described, so I think that a lot of the nasty frequencies in this amp model are due to the model mimicking the real amp rather than anything Line 6 did. For comparison, the 6505 and 6534 amp models, which are essentially updated 5150 amps, have the exact same issues on my Peavey Vypyr II amp, which is another thing that leads me to believe that this is just the nature of this particular amplifier.

Below, you can listen to my sound demo. Keep in mind that, as I mentioned, this is the default setting of the amp, so you’ll hear all of the negative stuff that I think needs to be dealt with in this clip.

You can listen to the clip here.

So, having said all of that, I believe that to get a good, usable sound out of this amp model, the following tweaks need to be made:

  • Decrease in treble, bass, and presence
  • Increase in mid range
  • Significant decrease in gain
  • Some type of EQ (probably Parametric EQ) that can hone in on the unpleasant frequencies and reduce the gain on those frequencies

This may make it sound like there are some major issues with the amp, but again, I don’t think the issues are anything that wouldn’t need to be dealt with using a real Peavey 5150 amp. The sound of the amp outside of these issues is excellent and pretty accurate to my ears, and with the right tweaks, I believe it will probably be my favorite amp model on the HD500X.

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