Line 6 Has Released 3 New Model Packs for the HD Series


POD users have been asking for Line 6 to add the 5150 amp model (among others) to the POD series for some time now. I know this to be true because I’ve read the requests over and over on the Line 6 forums, and yes, I am one of the ones who was hopeful that we’d get the 5150 amp model eventually. I use the 5150 model on my Peavey Vypyr amp and it’s the one I’ve missed having the most on my HD500X.

Awhile back, Line 6 finally announced three upcoming model packs that would include a number of new amps, including the 5150. The new packs have finally been released, and prices are $49 for each guitar amp model pack, and $29 for the bass pack. You can get all three for $99. Now we’ll all have 17,000 new amp models (or maybe less, I didn’t actually count) to play with and tweak while our families just roll their eyes at us wondering what’s so fun about playing with a big guitar pedal.

The 3 new model packs are:

1. HD Metal Pack

  • Includes Amp Models Based on*:
  • Peavey® 5150® (Block logo)
  • Bogner® Shiva
  • Remastered Marshall® JCM800 (Model 2204)
  • Line 6 Insane
  • Line 6 Big Bottom
  • Line 6 Variac’ed Plexi
  • Line 6 Purge
  • Line 6 Aggro
  • Line 6 Smash
  • Line 6 Octone

2. HD Vintage Pack

  • Includes Amp Models Based on*:
  • Roland® JC-120
  • Fender® Champ® (Tweed)
  • Orange® OR80
  • VOX® AC30 (Fawn Normal Ch.)
  • VOX® AC30 (Fawn Bright Ch.)
  • Roland® JC-120 2×12 CAB
  • Fender® Champ® 1×8 CAB
  • Line 6 Acoustic
  • Pete Anderson Custom

3. HD Bass Pack

  • Includes Amp Models Based on*:
  • Ampeg® SVT® Normal Ch.
  • Ampeg® SVT® Bright Ch.
  • GK Gallien-Kruger® 800RB
  • Ampeg® SVT® 8×10 CAB
  • Ampeg® SVT® 410HLF CAB

The amp packs require that you first upgrade to the new 2.6 firmware. They are currently only available for the HD500X and HD Pro X, but will soon be released for the HD500, the HD Pro, and the POD HD.

I have not purchased the packs yet, but I intend to very soon. Reports on the forums have been mostly positive, with most reported issues boiling down to either user error or people just having trouble figuring out where the new amps are due to Line 6 having custom names rather than naming the amp models exactly the same as the real amp being modeled.

Also, it’s a little tough to locate the page for purchasing the pack (the link on the homepage that announces the firmware just takes you to a general HD500X info page). You can find the purchase page here.

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