Free Original Dungeons & Dragons Adventure – The Cavern of Sundark

During the D&D Next playtest, I wrote an original adventure module called The Cavern of Sundark. If you’re interested in playing it, you can download it for free.

I recently decided to update it to be more in line with the final rules now that 5th edition has been out for awhile. The Cavern of Sundark is designed for four 1st – 3rd level characters using 5E rules, although it should be easy to adapt it to other systems. I’ve run two groups through this adventure (several co-workers in one group, and my kids in another group), and everyone that has played it really enjoyed it.


I’ve done my best to update terminology from the Next playtest language to the final terminology used in the 5E rules (ie. in the playtest, “listen” and “search” were available skills, but these were both replaced by Wisdom(Perception) checks in the final rules). When I’ve run the adventure, it has lasted between 3 and 5 hours, depending on how much out-of-combat role play and exploration has taken place.

The adventure itself contains no Wizards of the Coast copyright material or 5th edition rules, but you can get those for free from the Wizards of the Coast website here. On that page you can download the Basic player rules and the Basic DM rules. With the free rules from WotC, this adventure, and some dice, you’ll have all you need to get started. Or better yet, for more character options and monsters, use the 5th edition Players Handbook and Monster Manual.

Also, it’s possible that when I modified the text to be more in line with the final 5E rules, I may have missed a spot here and there, but the intention should be easy to figure out.

If you try this adventure and find it fun or useful, think it’s too hard or easy, find it confusing, or just have anything to say about it, let me know in the comments. Click the link below to download!

Adventure – The Cavern of Sundark

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