So, This Is a Real Thing

Ok, admittedly this is not related to either guitars or gaming. Maybe I’ll rename the site to “(Mostly) Guitars & Gaming.”

We were out shopping at the mall today and my wife wanted to stop by Elder Beerman to look at jewelry. I was standing around doing my best to keep from looking bored when I saw this:


This, my friends, is a woman’s choker. As in one of those necklaces that are made to fit closely around the neck. And it’s a fox made of sparkly jewels.

This means that someone at some point decided this would be a good idea to present to their boss at the jewelry maker company. And then someone else thought , “Hey, that’s a good idea. I think we should do it.” and approved it. I’m trying to picture the company meeting where some jewelry designer (we’ll call him Herbert) pitched the idea to his boss (who we’ll call Oliver).

Herbert (Jewelry designer): So I’ve been thinking, what if we made a jewel-encrusted purple and white fox for ladies to wear around their necks?

Oliver (Boss): Ok, you’ve got my attention….tell me more.

Herbert: We can make it really sparkly and put it on a gold chain. With more sparkly purple jewels.

Oliver: I knew I could count on you, Herbert. Let’s not waste any time getting this produced!

The best part is the mental image of a lady dressed up in really fancy clothes with a shiny purple fox head clinging closely around the base of her neck. And with it’s little eyes staring creepily up at you from below her chin.

I have to admire whoever it was that decided to make this, and I’m glad it exists based solely on the fact that it gave me 47 extra seconds of amusement today. Here’s hoping it did the same for you.

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