Space Hulk 4th Edition: A Great Update to a Great Game

Years ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to an amazingly cool space combat game that he had recently come across. This amazingly cool game was called Space Hulk and it felt a lot like the movie “Aliens” in which marines are engaging in combat with aliens.


I bought my own copy of Space Hulk sometime after the 2nd Edition was released. This past fall, Games Workshop released the 4th version of the deep space combat boardgame.

Here’s my review:

I’ve been a Space Hulk fan since first playing 1st edition in the late 90s when a friend of mine who accidentally discovered it in a comic shop showed it to me. I purchased a used copy of 2nd edition after that and have been a fan ever since.

Space Hulk takes place in the Warhammer 40k universe from Games Workshop. I’m not a Warhammer 40k player, nor do I know much about it, so I have always liked that fact that I could pick this game up and play with a set of stand alone rules and game pieces without having to invest in a bigger system. Space Hulk is full of atmosphere, has a very fun set of rules that isn’t too difficult to learn, and can be an intense sci-fi gaming experience. The two teams, the space marine terminators and the alien genestealers, are great concepts and the minature models for these2 teams are top notch.

I have not played 3rd edition Space Hulk, but my understanding is that 4th edition is almost identical to 3rd, with the exception of some additional missions, extra board pieces, and a few minor rule tweaks. I can say that all of the 4th edition components are very high quality. The models are much more detailed than the 2nd edition models, the board pieces, doors, and counters are all thicker, heavier cardboard, and everything about the game feels sturdy, reliable, and well made.


For anyone not familiar with the game, if you purchase a new copy of the game, you will need to put all of the miniatures together. You may want to paint them as well. As you can see from my partially painted miniatures, painting can take a long time, but it can also be pretty fun. If you want a painted set but don’t want to paint it yourself (or to accidentally paint on yourself, as in my case), there are many people who will paint it for you for various prices. I’m not the greatest painter, but I do like to paint my own minis, but I go through phases where I’ll paint for a few weeks, then stop altogether for awhile, and then get back into it again a few weeks later.

I’d recommend this game to anyone who likes tabletop games and sci-fi. It’s a great experience.

2 thoughts on “Space Hulk 4th Edition: A Great Update to a Great Game

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