Original Song: Most Beautiful

Several months ago, I wrote a song called “Most Beautiful” for my wife. I also recorded an instrumental version of that song, replacing my singing with guitar.

She has preferred that I not share the lyric version (I’m glad she likes keeping it to herself), so I decided to post the instrumental version. This is the same song, but with me playing guitar for the main chorus and verse melodies instead of singing.

You can hear it here.

This song uses the clean patch that I posted about several days ago here. You can also just get it by going directly to the HD500X Guitar Patches page.

The clean patch is just used for the finger picking/rhythm parts of the song. The solo and verse/chorus parts use different patches that I will post one of these days. The bass part was created by using one of my 6 string guitars with the bass amp modeller on the HD500X along with the bass octaver effect, so it’s actually just a regular guitar that sounds like a bass.

On a side note, the song was partially inspired by two songs; Beautiful Tonight by Eric Clapton and Something by The Beatles (or more specifically, George Harrison).

Now, here’s hoping that my wife doesn’t actually mind me sharing the instrumental version. If this is my last update and I’m never heard from again, you’ll know why.


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